Can I still get a car with bad credit?

Getting a Car with Bad Credit

Most people with bad credit feel like they will never be able to get a vehicle. After being turned down by banks, credit unions, financial institutions and other car dealerships, you can feel defeated. You may even feel like you are ready to give up on your dream to own a vehicle. Most people do not realize that there are programs like Maguire Credit, for those with bad credit, low credit score, bankruptcy, no credit or past financial troubles.

Believe it or not, there are options available for people with bad credit. In the past if you had bad credit, bankruptcy, no credit or past financial troubles, you could not get approved for a car. Things have changed. At Maguire Credit, we realize that life happens and you deserve a second chance to help rebuild and re-establish your credit while helping you achieve your dream of getting a vehicle.

How Maguire Credit Works!

If you are looking to get vehicle in Ithaca, Cortland, Elmira or Binghamton Magurie Credit can help. Maguire Credit works to serve those in the Finger Lakes Region, Southern Tier Region and those in Central New York State. Our in-house pre-owned leasing helps ensure we will find a way for you to get into a car, truck, SUV or van that best fits your needs, even if you have bad credit or no credit. Instead of worrying about third party lenders like banks, credit unions or other companies, Maguire Credit's in house financing team uses current data rather than your credit score. We also offer adjustable down payments and flexible monthly payments to help fit any budget.

What should you bring to your appointment at Maguire Credit, in Ithaca, NY?

The process is simple we just as that you bring the items listed below to your appointment.
  • Recent Bank Statement
  • Proof of income in the form of your two most recent pay stubs
  • Social security card
  • Mail confirming your address
  • Copy of your lease or mortgage agreement
  • 6 personal references
  • Copy of driver's license
  •  Full insurance coverage on the vehicle once you lease it from us

We will work with you to find out how long you've worked at your employment, how long you have lived at your current residence, what bills you pay each month and your debt-to-income ratio. We will also pull your credit report to help verify this information.

Maguire credit is here to help you with your pre-owned lease and re-establish good credit. We will remind you when you have an upcoming payment and follow up with you if your payment is late. Maguire tries to help you and works with you in every way possible to help rebuild your credit.